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Explore the latest industry trends and innovations in our INSIGHTS SERIES. From telecom to technology, we've got you covered with informative and engaging content. Stay up-to-date with the ever-changing landscape of the tech industry and unlock your business potential with Vas-X.
May 20, 2024 3:15:10 PM

Welcoming in the future of telecoms: The eSIM

Exploring the transformative potential of eSIM technology in telecoms, from enhanced user experience to new revenue streams and global connectivity opportunities.
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Apr 29, 2024 3:14:00 PM

Conversation with VAS-X

Learn about VAS-X's innovative solutions in bridging the digital divide and empowering customers in Africa and Asia Pacific. Exciting updates and insights on their products and services await!
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Jan 11, 2022 1:51:00 PM

VAS-X’s end-to-end prepay voucher platform for Cell C is now live

VAS-X's Prepay Voucher Platform for Cell C is now live, enabling seamless electronic voucher distribution, voucher activation, and real-time reporting.
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Sep 29, 2021 12:08:00 PM

Improving HLR/HSS Utilization and SIM Card Pre-Provisioning for CSPs

Learn how to optimize HLR/HSS capacity & improve network performance in CSPs. Discover our solutions for SIM card pre-provisioning and capacity management
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Sep 20, 2021 11:15:00 AM

Are Telcos driving their CRM and Billing Platform Wish Lists?

Revolutionize your Telco's success with the latest BSS/OSS tech and practices. Optimize automation, CX, and profitability in a competitive market.
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Jan 28, 2021 9:45:00 AM

Lumine Group Acquires VAS-X

Lumine Group completes acquisition of VAS-X, provider of billing & customer management solutions to comms providers & mobile network aggregators.
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Feb 7, 2017 12:42:00 PM

VAS-X’s EVM Solution increases TNM’s airtime footprint

VAS-X's Electronic Value Management Solution expands TNM's airtime footprint. Discover how our technology helps telcos drive success
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Feb 3, 2017 2:12:00 PM


VAS-X celebrates a momentous occasion as we expand our footprint in South Africa to include Cape Town, the Mother City.
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