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From its inception in Johannesburg to its flourishing presence in Cape Town, our program bridges the gap between academic learning and industry demands, producing highly skilled professionals ready to make a mark in technology and telecommunications

A Transformative Journey: The amazing story of VAS-X’s Graduate Program.

Seven years ago, VAS-X embarked on an initiative to address the pressing need for skilled resources in our industry. We recognized that developing young talents and empowering them with relevant skills was essential not just for VAS-X's growth but also for the progress of South Africa's professional landscape. Thus, we launched our graduate program in Johannesburg, laying the foundation for what would later become a transformative journey to success when it found a new home in Cape Town in 2016.

In the early days of the program, we faced challenges in securing the necessary resources to expand its reach and impact. However, we remained committed to our vision and understood the potential impact on both the participants and our company. It was this determination that led us to make a strategic move to Cape Town, a city renowned for its academic institutions and a pool of young, ambitious graduates from various disciplines.

The relocation to Cape Town breathed new life into the program. With renewed focus and clear objectives, we sought to draw graduates from all of Cape Town's esteemed universities, creating a diverse talent pool that would enrich the program's outcomes and foster a dynamic learning environment.

During the interview process for our graduate program, we recognized that, as much as all candidates were graduates, there existed a significant gap between the skills taught in academic institutions and the practical requirements of the workplace. We realized that academic qualifications alone would not guarantee success in our industry. Therefore, we looked for candidates who not only possessed the relevant academic background but also demonstrated a positive attitude, adaptability, and a willingness to learn.

To ensure their successful transition into the professional world, we established a base starting salary of R15,000 per month. This provided them with a foundation as they embarked on their transformative journey with VAS-X.

Revamping our approach, we honed the program's curriculum to align with company demands, ensuring that participants gained practical knowledge and skills that would make them highly productive within our company. Collaborating with industry partners, we expanded our network to provide participants with real-world experiences and exposure to cutting-edge projects, further enhancing their readiness for the workplace.

The success of the program quickly became evident as we outgrew not just one but two office spaces in Cape Town. The overwhelming response from both graduates and our company's teams testified to the program's effectiveness. Graduates from the program proved to be valuable assets for VAS-X, and their contributions are transforming the landscape of the industries we serve.

Our journey began with the first intake of two graduates. Following a rigorous evaluation to assess the program's viability, we enthusiastically onboarded three more graduates in the second round. As confidence in the program's impact grew, we continued with another intake of three graduates, followed by an additional two, and subsequently one graduate. Each step of this journey has reinforced our commitment to nurturing the next generation of professionals.

A key factor in the program's achievements was our commitment to nurturing participants during the onboarding process and beyond. We provided mentorship, career guidance, and a supportive community that encouraged graduates to excel in their chosen fields. Many alumni remained with VAS-X even after seven years, showcasing the long-term impact of the program and the loyalty it inspired.

Over the years, the graduate program became a cornerstone of talent development within VAS-X and a source of great pride for our commitment to empowering the next generation of professionals. The success stories of graduates who thrived in their careers fueled our passion to continue investing in this initiative. In 2023, VAS-X will welcome eight new graduates, providing them the opportunity to be guided and mentored on their journey in technology and telecommunications.

In conclusion, our graduate program's transformative journey from Johannesburg to Cape Town exemplifies the resilience and dedication of VAS-X to develop skilled resources and make a positive impact on the professional landscape. Despite initial challenges, the move allowed us to flourish, drawing from Cape Town's rich talent pool and fostering lasting partnerships within our organization. As we continue to nurture and empower young talents, we remain steadfast in our belief that investing in their growth and attitude is not only beneficial for our company but also contributes to the collective progress and prosperity of our industry in Cape Town.




From the period spanning 2016 to 2022, our organization had the privilege of welcoming 17 promising graduates to our team. These individuals brought fresh perspectives and energy, enhancing our work environment and contributing to our goals. We're proud to note that, out of these 17, nine graduates have continued their journey with us, showcasing their commitment and the mutual growth we've experienced together. Their ongoing presence underscores our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering long-term relationships with our employees.


    2016 - THE BEGINNING

    We launched a ground-breaking initiative to uncover top talent in our industry. We proudly welcomed two exceptional graduates, who bring fresh perspectives and knowledge to enhance our organization's capabilities. By actively seeking top-tier talent, we reaffirm our commitment to excellence and staying at the forefront of our industry.



    In 2017, the program made a bold move to Cape Town, bringing along 7 talented graduates into the fold. Additionally, Vas-X forged valuable partnerships with leading tertiary institutions.



    Three more exceptional graduates joined our team.  As part of our commitment to nurturing young talent, we also expanded our office space to accommodate the influx of new graduates. Our state-of-the-art facilities now provide a dynamic and collaborative environment for our growing team. 


    In the year 2019, we proudly welcomed two more accomplished graduates to Vas-X through our esteemed Graduate Program. This program has continuously shown remarkable success and continues to flourish with each passing year.


    In 2020, we welcomed one graduate into our program, elevating the criteria for acceptance and enhancing the calibre of individuals we sought.

    2021 - COVID

    Our initiative was to discover talented individuals in our industry, but the unexpected arrival of Covid-19 hindered our ability to select any graduates for the year 2021.


    2022 - POST COVID ERA

    Once the Covid pandemic subsided, we eagerly revived our graduate program initiative and successfully welcomed aboard two exceptional and highly deserving  graduates for the year.


    As of our latest tally in 2023, we are delighted to announce that we have successfully welcomed 8 talented Graduates into our program. With each passing day, our program continues to thrive, paving the way for a promising future in the telecoms industry for diligent and innovative graduates.

Why the Graduate Program?

Opportunity for graduates to transition into different departments and advance their careers upon completion of the onboarding program.

Talent Development

  • We will invest in our employee.
  • Providing them with the training, resources, and opportunities they need to grow and develop their skills.
  • We believe that a highly skilled and motivated workforce is critical to our success.

Skills Shortage in SA

  • Lack of Oracle skills in SA development landscape.

Quicker Onboarding

  • Graduates do not come with pre-conceived development ideas, polices and processes.
  • Graduates are keen to learn and embrace change.
  • We do not need to “unlearn" bad habits.


  • The Graduate onboarding program allows us to train the Graduates across all of our systems and codes.
  • Ability for Graduates to experience all aspects of our business.

Recruitment Process.

The journey of recruitment unfolds in a seamless succession of four strategic steps.


CVs Collected

  • CVs are collected by HR and filtered.
  • It gets passed on to the relevant team.
  • Team will then review the CV and decide if a technical test can be sent out.


Technical Test

  • HR will then send out the technical test.
  • Once the test is completed, it will be reviewed by the team.
  • Based on the outcome of the test, the candidate will be invited for an interview.


CVs Collected

  • 1st interview: Candidates are interviewed the Line manager and Team Leader.
  • 2nd interview: Candidate is interviewed by the CEO.


Offer / Rejection

  • The candidate is offered a contract or rejected with reasons as to why their application was unsuccessful.




If you have a strong interest in the tech industry and are eager to be a part of the vibrant telecoms community, we invite you to take the first step in our graduate process by submitting your CV.

Onboarding Process.

Once a graduate has been accepted the onboarding process follows the below procedure:


Equipment & Access

  • Laptop issued and setup on day 1.
  • Access to systems with username and password.
  • Office 365 account.
  • Jira and Confluence.
  • MyWorkday.
  • Synology repository.
  • Bitbucket repository.
  • Udemy.


Meet the Team

  • Your Graduate program manager.
  • Your graduate team lead.
  • The Cape Town office team.
  • 1-to-1 with CEO.



  • Who we are.
  • Our teams.
  • Our products.
  • Our Customers.
  • Your mentor.



  • All training is recorded in confluence.
  • Self learning through Udemy via a focused learning path approach.
  • Basic Products.
  • SQL.
  • PLSQL.
  • Apex.
  • Advanced Product.
  • On the job training.

Areas of Work.

Weekly feedback session with the team lead to determine how they are doing and if there are any issues. Any concerns should be raised during this session. Development plans loaded into Workday. Monthly performance reviews are given. 


Research & Development

Coloured Line 3



  • Jira incidents & how to investigate and identify the root cause with the mentor.
  • How to create a patch and how to deploy it with the mentor.
  • Expanded to working with the git software repositories.
  • Jira ticket management on their own. 




  • Small system changes assigned with the help of the mentor.
  • Includes backlog clearing and fixing missing functionality.
  • Roadmap and PAF assignments.



Coloured Line 3


  • Ticket management with mentor.
  • Ticket management without mentor.




Coloured Line 3

  • Ticket management with mentor.
  • Ticket management without mentor.
  • Project development with mentor.
  • Project development without mentor.
  • SOW drafting.
  • WBS drafting.


  • You will report directly to a senior manager who is entrusted with your development.
  • You will be put into a development plan.
  • Monthly 1-1 with CEO coffee chat.
  • Graduate classroom WhatsApp group.
  • Monday to Friday 8-5 on prem in Cape Town.
  • Connect.
  • Watch & Learn.
  • Relationships.
  • Collaborate.
  • Once approved, Hybrid operations may apply.
  • Standby will follow.
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