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Erini AndriopoulosJan 28, 2021 9:45:00 AM2 min read

Lumine Group Acquires VAS-X

TORONTO, ON, 28 January 2021 – Lumine Group (“Lumine”), a division of Volaris Group focused in the communications and media vertical, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of VAS-X PTY Ltd Australia and VAS-X PTY Ltd South Africa (“VAS-X”). VAS-X is a provider of modular mission-critical billing, customer management, real-time recharge, credit management and fulfilment on demand system solutions to converged communication services providers and mobile virtual network aggregators.

Founded in 1999, Kobus Haupt, Founder and CEO of VAS-X, recognized a niche in the region for service provider driven billing needs. Initially formed “VASExperts” in South Africa, in 2000 the business won its first contract with Vodacom (a Vodafone Group). Vodacom is currently a key customer.

“We have been talking with Lumine regularly for some years. After exploratory discussions with other possible acquiring partners, we are convinced VAS-X and its customers have found the best home for future innovation and growth with Lumine’s global communications customer and partner ecosystem. VAS-X will continue to operate autonomously, leveraging Lumine’s extensive experience, best practices and financial resources to strengthen our business in preparation to entertain possible future M&A of our own,” said Kobus Haupt. “A key element to our decision is Lumine’s acquisition principle of ‘buy and hold forever’ as well as their commitment to allowing us to maintain our corporate identity and accelerate the brand we have worked so hard to build over 2+ decades in the market.”

Today, the VAS-X customer base spans South Africa and the South Pacific, processing greater than 500 billion CDRs and billing hundreds of millions in USD annually.

“We are excited to add this innovative revenue management business into our portfolio, in order to complement our existing companies and provide further mission-critical software capabilities to our ecosystem,” said David Nyland, President of Lumine. “We are particularly impressed with VAS-X Cloud-Native posture in billing, customer management and real-time credit management, this architecture attributing to the volumes and values being transacted through their customers.”



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Erini Andriopoulos

Director of Marketing, Lumine Group


Erini Andriopoulos

Director of Marketing, Lumine Group


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