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Vas-XFeb 7, 2017 12:42:00 PM1 min read

VAS-X’s EVM Solution increases TNM’s airtime footprint

“With the successful implementation of VAS-X’s Electronic Value Management (EVM) System, dealers have been given the incentive to encourage faster transformation to a paperless voucher environment. EVM has not only reduced the costs of voucher imports and voucher distribution, but electronic vouchers has also broadened voucher availability”

-Willem Swart, CEO Telekom Networks Malawi



TNM Malawi started as a Joint Venture in 1995 between Telekom Malaysia and then government owned MTL (Malawi Telecommunications Ltd).  In April 2007, TNM became 100% Malawian owned, the first Malawian operator with innovative products and services.  With restructuring and investment initiatives and a Malawian identity, TNM proved to have the potential to become a very strong brand.

  • To service more of Malawi’s rural population;
  • To make the TNM brand more visible;
  • Faster transfer of prepaid airtime;
  • Reducing voucher operating costs;
  • Reducing costs of importing vouchers;
  • Increasing distribution of vouchers;
  • Broaden voucher availability;
  • Improved customer service;
  • Innovative technology and product development;
  • Increasing profits;
  • Produce dynamic vouchers, for any value, on demand.

The EVM System is an enterprise-class, multi-language, multi-currency system designed to facilitate the distribution and management of electronic value. The system provides a variety of value distribution models to accommodate the various channels, devices and spending patterns.

  • Physical Voucher:  scratch card or printed
  • Virtual Voucher: non-printed, redemption via network provided recharge interface
  • Dynamic Denomination: created on demand for any existing denomination – can be printed or virtual
  • Dynamic Value: created on demand for any value – can be printed or virtual
  • Cashless Processing/Wallet Account: mobile money based vending of dynamic denomination and dynamic value voucher


  • After implementation of EVM, TNM’s presence in the rural areas has increased;
  • Dealer shops and buildings have been branded across Malawi, allowing dealers to distribute airtime faster and more effectively;
  • Due to increased presence in market, more subscribers have signed up, more airtime has been distributed, thus increasing profits;
  • Reduced costs of importing and distribution of the physical paper vouchers, thus also increasing profits;
  • Electronic value is easier to gain access to, thus increasing customer service;
  • Ability to produce dynamic vouchers, for any value on demand.


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