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Vas-XSep 20, 2021 11:15:00 AM2 min read

Are Telcos driving their CRM and Billing Platform Wish Lists?

The digital transformation age is upon us with the likes of 5G, OTT, IoT, Cloud. It is essential for Telcos now more than ever, to pay more attention focusing on their specific BSS/OSS functionality ensuring optimal automation across every module attributing to the successful customer experience. Whilst evolving, it would be sensible for Telcos to capitalise by adopting latest BSS/OSS technology and best practices, bringing them closer to reaching their goals in this highly competitive market. Another key area to revolutionise is the disentangling or perhaps dismissal of Legacy and disparate systems.  Time is money and subscribers are more value-and-service conscious expecting price, product, services, and billing are on point.


When is it time to take a deep dive into your CRM and Billing Platform Functionality?


As BSS/OSS solutions are rather hefty project undertakings, replacing these platforms are often looked at every 10-15 years, if at all, and it begs the question: How does your current CRM and Billing platform feature in the organisation vs wish list functionality?  Does the current system allow for rapid enhancements, or do you have to wait for vendor roadmap roll outs? Be tech ready sooner, rather than later to gain your market share and optimise internal resource capacity enabling monetisation at every point. If you are looking for a change, perhaps it’s time to get agreement from all necessary stakeholders and release an RFI followed by an RFP – should that be the protocol of your business. This process will enable your stakeholders to gain insight into the functional offerings available. One-size-fits-all does not exist, however, best, and closest technology fit with slight customisations and a dedicated partner/vendor who fortifies mission-critical systems, innovates and who nurtures relationships, would most likely be the result.


VAS-X’s VX-View modules include the following:

CRM:  Customer Care, Credit Control, Accounts Receivable, Dealer Web, Workflow Management, Trouble Ticketing, Provisioning, Dynamic Recharge and Sales Lead.

Billing:  Tariffing, Billing, Mediation, Bill Production, Roaming Management, Interconnect Accounting, Alarm Central, Subscriber Profiling and Financial Integration.


VAS-X’s Partner vision is committed to your success.  Your Business, Our Focus; Your Success, Our World!


VAS-X is a software development company founded in 1999 proudly servicing and nurturing several large Tier 1 Telcos with our flagship VX-View CRM and Billing platform, end-to-end Voucher Management solutions (ERA and EVM), Provisioning on Demand (PoDS) and system integration.  Speak to us about your technology future and add us to your RFI/RFP distribution listings.  Email:



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