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Article_SIM-card-pre-provisioning for CSPs
Vas-XSep 29, 2021 12:08:00 PM2 min read

Improving HLR/HSS Utilization and SIM Card Pre-Provisioning for CSPs

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) encounter challenging technology trends, for example, monetising operations management, infrastructure and Business Support Systems. System optimisation, after all, is vital now more than ever with digital transformation.  This article speaks to monetising SIM card optimisation and improved HLR/HSS utilisation. For one thing, outdated, unused or dormant SIM cards are an unnecessary expense to any organisation. In general, Prepaid and post-paid landscape mechanisms are evolving to enable Telcos to optimise provisioning active subscribers’ services on their SIM cards. Furthermore, CSPs can better manage SIM card provisioning license fees on the Home Location Register (HLR) and Home Subscriber Server (HSS) coupled with improved efficiency regarding HLR/HSS utilisation. 


Top challenges CSPs face in the prepaid market.

 CSPs face several challenges. However, during the COVID 19 pandemic, the need was magnified to supply sufficient connectivity to people in various regions to enable remote working operations. These environments include non-retail, non-tradesman, the Education sector and, entrepreneurs turning to online income-earning opportunities, to name a few. These challenges identified that system optimisation was crucial for an on-tap business flow increase – relative to the telecommunications sector. 

 Deloitte recently published a white paper for the South African market where their findings are highly relevant. The main challenges discussed were the exponential growth in traffic, a subscriber base suffering under harsh economic conditions, and immense pressure on margins and cash flows for Telcos. It is assumed that these trends will resonate with other global markets too. Deloitte provides some valuable indicators as we advance in the areas mentioned.

Deloitte’s Strategic Response Framework given the above challenges, telcos need to respond strategically and shape their recovery path to enable them to thrive in a post-Covid-19 environment. They need to reduce their costs, establish value-creating partnerships, accelerate digital transformation, optimise their networks and offer innovative products/solutions to meet their customers’ evolving needs while challenging regulatory boundaries to redefine and reinvent themselves to remain relevant.

 With this in mind and through R&D, VAS-X strives to provide innovative solutions to assist our clients with their challenging telecom environment. Strong vendor partnerships are crucial to success and growth, especially during this digital transformational era.


How can CSPs benefit by provisioning SIMs on demand?

All businesses can understand when they say, “time is money”.  As Technology adapts, it is no longer necessary to pre-provision SIM cards before distribution into the various sales channels. With VAS-X’s Provisioning on Demand (PoDS) solution, we provide a software design with a straightforward, process-driven system. 

VAS-X’s PoDS system allows for real-time provisioning of the SIM on ‘first’ use, replacing the temporary MSISDN on the SIM with a valiMSISDN. Thus, creating the IMSI/MSISDN pairing on the network element (HLR for 2G/3G/4G/5G, HSS for 4G/5G). In essence, PoDS post-implementation benefits include a substantial drop in the number of registered SIMs on the HLR platform, higher available capacity on the HLR.  What’s more, CSPs can either reduce vendor licensing fees or postpone reaching the next ‘payment tier’.  To summarise, CSPs have new ICT technology available and need to adapt their digital transformation journey and capitalise wherever possible.

Start the conversation with us today to alleviate unnecessary expenditure and improve overall efficiency in your business, especially in these harsh economic conditions.

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