Our flagship OSS/BSS Converged Billing and Customer Care proprietary platform. Increased revenue and flexibility, reduced operational costs, and improved customer service are just a few of the advantages of this fully-featured, flexible, and modular billing and customer care solution for telecoms operators.

VX-View is a highly sophisticated billing and customer care platform that is trusted by numerous Mobile Network Operators to manage millions of customers.

After network coverage, billing integrity and the experience the customer has at contact points – in sales branches or phoning in with a service request – are perenially the most important issues from a customer perspective, and often make the difference between a happy customer, and a dissatisfied customer. Finding the right system and partner in these two areas is absolutely crucial.

VX-View is a tried-and-tested product that can be relied upon to support your staff in their efforts to delight your customers!

In today’s highly competitive telecoms environment, Communication Service Providers are constantly targeting new market segments with tailored products, deals, packages, and promotions, and the monetary realization of these product roll-outs are largely dependent upon the back-end billing engine. VX-View is designed for these environments – to be flexible and easily adaptive – so that the billing and customer care system becomes the enabler for new revenue streams, rather than the stumbling block.

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    The Billing Modules

    The VX-View Billing modules together offer an accurate, end-to-end, and feature-rich billing system, allowing seamless integration of different technologies (CDMA/GSM/WIFI/Cable/Leased Line, etc) and customer types (post-paid, prepaid, hybrid, etc) on one convergent platform

    The VX-View
    Billing Modules are:

    • Tariffing
    • Billing
    • Mediation
    • Bill Production
    • Roaming Management
    • Interconnect Accounting
    • Alarm Central
    • Subscriber Profiling
    • Financial Integration

    Some of the
    benefits of VX-View
    Billing include:

    • Support multiple Bill Run types (full, instant, test)
    • Number Plan management
    • Multiple Bill Run cycles
    • Pro-rated Billing
    • Mass Subscriber Activation
    • Work-Flow managed Bill Run process with pre- and post- checks
    • Accurate and configurable invoice structure
    • Management by GUI

    The Customer Relationship Modules

    The VX-View Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Modules allow for the management of customers via a user-friendly, full-featured, web-based user interface.

    All aspects of a subscriber’s life cycle can be viewed and managed via the CRM module, while all functions are individually secured to provide granular access to the data and system to various types of user. VX-View CRM is flexible, scalable, and future-proof, and can be integrated into any third party system or network element to allow near real-time provisioning. The system is guaranteed to enhance your operational efficiencies – as well as the experience your customers have with your staff!

    The VX-View
    CRM Modules are:

    • Customer Care
    • Credit Control
    • Dealer Web
    • Workflow Management
    • Trouble Ticketing
    • Provisioning
    • Dynamic Recharge
    • Sales Lead

    Some of the
    benefits of VX-View
    CRM include:

    • Single view of all customers
    • Manage all subscribers from one application
    • Manage complete dealer lifecycle
    • Web-based
    • Uniform management of tasks across all platforms
    • Consistent customer and process management
    • Easy access for customer to manage account & network settings

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