Provisioning on Demand Solution

The PoDS system optimises an operator’s pre-paid provisioning mechanism by allowing provisioning in real-time on first use, avoiding the need for pre-provisioning of pre-paid SIM cards before distribution to sales channels. Allows more efficient HLR/HSS utilisation and reduces license fees.

Don’t pay for inactive SIMs! Align the payment of HLR/HSS license fees with revenue, rather than paying vendors for pre-provisioned SIM cards that sit on sales channel shelves for months without use.

The system allows real-time provisioning of the SIM on first use, replacing the temporary IMSI on the SIM with a definitive IMSI and MSISDN, and creating the IMSI/MSISDN pairing on the network element (HLR for 2G/3G, HSS for 4G).

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    Optimise network element (HLR/HSS) capacity – either reduce your vendor licensing fees, or postpone reaching the next payment ‘tier’.

    Simplify logistics – no need for separate pre-paid and post-paid SIM card supply chains

    Use the ‘first use’ moment:
    a. to add customer value : select own MSISDN, for example (via USSD menu)
    b. to collect subscriber information (for regulatory or marketing purposes)

    For operators rolling out 4G networks, dynamically provision SIMs on the HSS when the customers are in 4G coverage areas, rather than pre-provisioning the entire 2G/3G subscriber base on the HSS. This allows your HSS license fees to be aligned with your 4G network rollout.

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