The VAS-X Electronic Value Management system is an enterprise-class, multi-channel, multi-service, multi-language, multi-currency system, designed to facilitate the secure distribution and management of electronic value. The system can be used to manage the distribution of pre-paid value for anything from airtime and electricity to event tickets.

The EVM system provides an administration front-end for the management of Point of Sale channels, dealers and their associated accounts.

It boasts a vast array of functionality, designed specifically to address the everyday operation of the voucher management environment, along with customer support, trouble ticketing and reporting capabilities.

VAS-X EVM Channels

The distribution of electronic vouchers, whether PIN-based or PIN-less, with fixed or variable denominations, can be done at all customer touch-point interfaces, using a variety of protocols and channels such as:

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Bulk Loading/ Electronic Vouchers

Allows for imports and exports of various pin-file formats

Customer Support and Service

Offers full implementation of trouble-ticketing and the associated support life-cycle

Direct Sales to the Public and Dealers

This is where various sales channels and dealer enablers allow for direct-to-public sales and where a variety of channels are supported via our architecture

Dynamic Transfer of Voucher Value

The system has the ability to transfer any value from one account holder to another, both pre and post-paid.

Dynamic Vouchers

EVM Core has the ability to generate a unique any value voucher with pin on-demand

Electronic PIN/Voucher Generation

There is a facility for the bulk generation of unique number sequences; variable length, guaranteed duplicate free.

Inventory, Quotes and Invoices

The system allows the management of value inventory, purchasing sales, invoicing and more.

Leads, Accounts and Contracts

The system will provide full account management functionality with leads and contracts.

Security, Reports and Dashboards

EVM has several core features to manage and secure the environment, as well as provide flexible reporting

Security, PIN Generation

EVM can generate true random numbers, or can load existing PIN’s and store them using best-of-breed encryption standards.

How can CSPs Benefit using the VAS-X EVM platform?


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