Our Dynamic Discounting System is a platform-based solution to the problem of optimising network utilisation for Mobile Network Operators. The system maximises revenue by stimulating demand in cells with low utilisation, while offering a unique value proposition to cost-conscious customers.

The Dynamic Discounting System is focused on improving network optimisation and maximising revenue. It is flexible, scalable, and can be used in multi-vendor environments.

DDS can offer tariff discounts on a hourly, per-cell basis, and includes the ability to calculate price elasticity of a particular area or cell, in order to reduce the risk of revenue erosion. It features extensive reporting, monitoring, and management functionality.

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Typically, on any weekday over a 24 hour period, more than 80% of available radio network capacity is wasted. The problem is even worse over weekends!

By offering discounts dynamically on a per cell and per hour basis – using a proprietary Big Data algorithm which processes live cell utilisation data – demand may be stimulated in a scientifically precise manner, maximising the revenue potential of the network

A welcome side-effect of dynamic discounting is that peak hour traffic may reduce as calls are shifted to ‘cheaper’ times of day. This delays CAPEX and OPEX expenditure to cater for the peak hour.


  • Maximise network revenue by offering dynamic discounting on a per cell and per hour basis
  • Reduce risk of revenue erosion by determining elasticity of demand per cell, per region, or across the network
  • Scalable
  • Maximise utilization of network infrastructure over full 24 hours and 7 days a week
  • Full-featured Management, Reporting and Monitoring system
  • Multi-vendor
  • Delay capital and operational expenditure by reducing overall required network capacity
  • Minimise churn – and induce churn in competitor networks by offering unique value to cost-conscious customers!
  • Shift peak-hour traffic to less utilised periods

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