VAS-X (PTY) Ltd is a software development company
founded on the continent of Africa in 1999.

We now deliver OSS/BSS solutions and value added services (VAS) to a global footprint of telecoms operators. As experienced systems integrators we play a crucial role in the VAS planning and development of our customers, always looking for new ways of delivering real value and competitive advantage. We offer an extensive modular product suite, and our management team boasts a combined 140 years of experience in the ICT industry, particularly in demanding emerging markets.

Healthy Track Record

With a healthy track record in developing and implementing dynamic, cost-effective software solutions in the OSS/BSS space in Africa, an office was established in Australia in 2013, allowing clients the opportunity to access VAS-X services globally.

Service Oriented Architecture

VAS-X utilizes Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) methodologies in the development of its product set, and complies with e-TOM principles. This ensures a measure of ‘future-proofing’ of the product set, while offering efficiencies of scale and reduced development cost.

Our Team

Our management team offers in excess of 140 years combined Telecoms and ICT experience.

Our staff complement is approximately 100 people and growing, split across our South African and Australia offices, with a healthy representation of gender and cultural diversity.

The company is private, and shareholders are all internal at present.


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